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Therapy with Carol

I believe we all need help sometimes with life's challenges.

Our struggles can be seen as problems and obstacles, but they can also be seen as information and opportunity. Given a supportive environment, most of us can access a deep awareness of our inner truth, which often gets covered up by life experiences and socialization. Much of my work focuses on giving the client a place to be seen, heard and understood, on fostering a relationship that allows for awareness of what is, and then movement from that place of awareness towards a more conscious and authentic way of being.

I specialize in working with individual adults of all ages, cultures, and orientations who are in the transformation process. My experience includes working with families, with the HIV community, and with the Spanish-speaking community.

My work with clients is determined by the problem brought to therapy, beginning with where you find yourself—cognitively, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I generally work with a client’s life story, to look for origins of beliefs and problems, and to find ways to reframe the story so that it is not so limiting. The moment to moment work utilizes the therapeiutic relationship to help you access emotions and experiences that might have been previously blocked off or not in consciousness.

I believe we do not exist in a vacuum, and that our past and present environment must be taken into consideration when looking to affect change. My work draws from many traditions and sources. I work primarily from a psychodynamic perspective, utilizing the thinking of Carl Jung and others. I incorporate mindfulness, process psychology, family of origin, and narrative therapy models as well. I offer working with dreams, writing, artwork, and the body's wisdom to support healing and growth. I am trained in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) Lifespan Integration (LI) and utilize both in my work.

Depending on what is helpful to you, I may use dreams, art, somatic awareness, imaginal work, mindfulness, writing, interactional practice, emotional discharge, stress reduction techniques, communication skills, and parenting strategies. For problems with children, I work directly with parents on their struggles and new ideas to try.